The Business World is changing! 

Small Business Owners are stretched to their maximum limits. 


Providing the audience with practical tools is more important than ever before! 

Key topics: 

Collaborate for success - how to set your income life line, while saving a fortune from marketing and sales. 

Correct Networking - How to utilize networking for your advantage?! - how to generate continuous income at minimal expense. 

Discover your strengths and position yourself for success

- marketing strategies for small businesses 

Gilad is a leading expert in setting collaborations that generate income.

Among his speaking engagement you can find theIsrael Export Institute,

Keynote speaker at Small Business forums,Keynote speaker at Networking events.  

Gilad is an Attorney, holds an MBA in international trade, is an arbitrator and a certified mediator.

Gilad mentors independent entrepreneurs and small businesses to generate revenue via his unique methods.

Expert in operational analysis of businesses and directing the spotlight on vulnerabilities, and their solution.

How to set fruitful collaborations

How to bring new clients while saving a fortune on marketing

Small Business and Marketing/ Sales teams   

Breaking International Boundaries

By Small Businesses  

The Israeli export, focus on service providers and small businesses

CEO’s & Marketing managers of SMB’s.

And Small business owners, Service providers.

FDA Registration 


A Strategic Road Map for FDA Success

How? Why? When?

To approach FDA registration

Audience :
Any producer or exporter interested in marketing his products to the American market. Also relevant as marketing tool for worldwide sales.

Goal and Missions

for small businesses

What’s between

Goals & Missions?

Plan your business route

to success


Small business owners    


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Gilad brings over 20 years of diverse managerial experience.

During this time he was employed in senior management positions in a variety of industries. Among them he served as CEO of a financing company, CEO of a medical device company, VP of finance, international marketing manager, sales manager and more.

That unique variety of positions allows him a unique organizational point of view that helps his clients identify and define problems and tailor creative solutions.

According to Gilad, "I see a mission in changing the paradigm according to which the chances of a visionary who has taken the initiative and established a business have difficulty making a living, supporting his family and bringing his personal vision into the world."

Gilad spends his free time between the sea and the desert and makes sure to refuel his soul with volunteer work: 

At ZAKA as a rescue diver,

At ELEM heading the business mentorship program for deprived youth.

At underwater archaeological excavations at the Recanati Institute

And saving wild life at the Israel Nature and Parks Authority

Past Volunteering activity included MADA (the Israeli Red Cross), HILA youth ejected from the educational system. 

What Clients and Collaborators are saying


Forbes: "Kathy Ireland is the richest supermodel in the world by far".

".. For those of you who have yet to have the privileged of knowing Gilad Segev, please be aware that Kathy Ireland World-Wide is drawn to him by his reputation, his relationships and his unique ability to develop mutually beneficial opportunities between world parties in a way that is quite extraordinary...."


Ms. Iris Raveh C0-CEO

& Mr.David Merrari Co-CEO

Prestigio Ltd

Our appreciation and warm recommendation is hereby given to Adv. Gilad Segev for his good, punctual, discreet and professional work, deep understanding of the materials and ready advice without delay at all times..... Gilad has followed us for many years with utmost loyalty.


Gabe Mansky,
Senior VP, WELLS FARGO Insurance

Gilad has provided service to us in a very professional, reliable, responsible and efficient manner. Gilad in extremely knowledgeable and proficient in his field.
I highly recommend Gilad knowing that he will readily provide is services with 100% satisfaction on your part.


Shlomo Sharon

President, Med-Op

Gilad... had a leading position in communication with companies in the professional and law aspects.... to get the utmost best results...


Alan Schwartz
Executive Vice President
mdi Consultants

It has been a pleasure working with you over the past 5 years..... Your understanding of the Israeli methods of doing business and how to negotiate....
One of the most important parts of any good partnership is communications and being able to rely on you to respond with rapid manner makes our working together much easier.


Keren Haskal
International Marketing Manager. MORAZ

As a person we have found Gilad to be trustworthy, diligent and with great integrity.
Gilad has provided us with professional services in a responsible and efficient manner. Gilad possess market knowledge and proficiency in his field.
I highly recommend working with him knowing that he will provide efficient services to full Satisfaction.


Dr. Joseph Shen, CEO
Premier Heart

I have known Gilad for more that a decade. I have witnessed him trustworthy, diligent, available, easy to communicate with, flexible, taking initiatives in finding opportunities for our business in and beyond... He has been great help for us